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Dreamlight - Company History

In 1999 a group of 3 people, including Rainer Lockschen, the former founder of the company, and Sven Milschewski, the head designer who is still working for the company, had the idea to create the now common Dreamlight tealight holders as an advancement of the then popular gel candles. In that same year a first small collection has been produced by hand in a small workshop in the heart of Germany with a staff consisting of only 8 employees.

Just in time for the millennium this unique product has been presented for the first time at an international fair in Frankfurt/Main and has become an immediate success.

Due to the increasing international interest the brand name of the German word “Traumlicht” has been extended by the literal English translation “Dreamlight” (Traum = dream, Licht = light).

In the following years the design has constantly been refined and the worldwide interest in the special tealight holders “Made in Germany” rose uninterrupted.

Since 2010 the Dreamlight company is a valuable member of the Gilde Group and benefits from their new parent company’s experience and contacts in the industry.

Until today the tealight holders are still skillfully handmade in the small workshop in Germany, each becoming an individual and unique piece. Products made by Dreamlight combine design, emotion and function and have been sold in more than 70 countries throughout the world. So far, besides almost all of the European countries, Dreamlight has also been sold for example in Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and the USA.